Harald Gaier's published work includes the Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Homoeopathy and peer-reviewed papers on gut-related medical research and on medical economics. He is also a contributor to some of today's leading alternative health publications:

Prostate Cancer - The one-stop prostate assessment

"How I solved my medical mystery"

Your Health - How one patient finally solved her medical mystery with the help of Harald Gaier.

by Harald Gaier

"What Doctors Don't Tell You first appeared as a newsletter at the end of 1989. From September 2013, this publication has since become a monthly A-4 size, 68-page glossy magazine that is on sale from public magazine racks in shops like WH Smith, and in Supermarkets. This magazine can also be subscribed to by ringing 013 7185 1883. It grew from a sense of frustration with conventional medicine, and a desire to tell others about its short-comings and dangers. Its hallmark has been its in-depth research, and hard-won information of a quality that can change lives for the better. It's been cited in law courts, it's been used to encourage doctors to change their treatments, and our filing cabinets are full of testimonials from thousands of people whose lives have been helped by our information."

Aiding weight loss

Healthy, oldest and wisest

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Latent infections

Natural herbs for Aids


Pre-menstrual Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome

Short-leg syndrome

The common cold

Treating cough naturally


Alternatives to vaccination



Losing weight

Natural ways to beat stroke

Persistent neck pain

Prostate cancer

Rheumatoid arthritis


The weaker link

Treating the common cold

"Complementary therapies for your mind, body & soul"

Harald Gaier's answers to the readers' questions:

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Childhood Epilepsy

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Pollution Protection

Traveller's Tummy

Childhood Arthritis

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Swollen Finger

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Not your traditional Harley Street doctor.

"Harald Gaier is one of the world's leading homoeopathic authorities and has done extensive research on modern, non-orthodox medicine."

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